Welcome To Vissbon Brand Promotion Center

Vissbon(China) Auto supplies manufacturing Co., LTD is located in maritime silk road starting point of the Guangzhou . Vissbon Its wholly owned subsidiary, was founded in 1995.Development and production of special paint coating on large industrial terprises, After many years of operation, has been hailed as a rhinoceros skin of China. In 2009, Grand international (China) in Guangzhou,Vissbon Brand on the wings of take-off, enter the ranks of China's top brands. How to enter the Chinese market is Vissbon paint Protective film covered nearly 30 domestic provinces and municipalities, autonomous regions, and several large cities in the country to set up agencies and the inn in inn, Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions. At the same time, Our Company can make different designs for the agencies and foreign several big famous diaphragm, We can conduct some business realtionships of mutual benefit.

Inside car.

Mainly to protect the place easy to accumulate dirt and abrasion for car, Main Locations are door planks,pedals,inside door planks and wheel eyebrow, bumper, center pillar, door handles, etc. Rhinoceros leather selling in our company use polymeric PVC materials, Glue adopts the gree glue, glue strong stability, anti-abrasive material. It won’t fall off for two or three years after constructing.

Outside car.

Mainly to protect the most valuable car paint, sand gravel attack your Car in the process of high-speed driving,The gravel will do harm to your car paint.The invisible car clothes inour company use is TPU material imported from USA, Material can reach automatically repair tiny scratches, not yellowing, strong stretching ability, without heating and so on functions that original cars can’t realize.

window film .

Glass shield have the ability to resist the hard thing hit the car windscreen, It is transparent polymer multilayer material imported from USA, especially to reduce or avoid stone hit and object rupture or throughout for car front glass, side glass,has high definition at the same time. Effectively prevent the car glass get all sorts of gravel, acid rain, ultraviolet ray, brush, theft, and other malicious damage.