Glassplex Outside Car (Paint Protection Film)

Glassplex Outside Car (Paint Protection Film)TPU Material Introduction

►Never change yellow

►Automatically repair tiny scratches

►High elastic without heating

►Don't fall off doesn't become warped

►The service life of five years

The most precious gift of car is the paint, the engine can be repaired, the tank can be changed when it was broken, stereo is broken can change but once paint would irreparably damaged, the original automotive paint main ingredients by metal preservatives, primer, intermediate paint, light oil (varnish), is in 130-180 DHS c temperature, 4s shop couldn't do it. So the paint is the only can't buy the original parts of the car.

From this we can see the car paint is particularly valuable in the whole car, so we need to focus on more to protect their car's paint.

Our main products are due to protect paint , the product material on the screening of doing a particularly careful consideration, finally our discussion and thinking in the same direction, we finally chose the United States Argotec factory of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) as our contact clothing materials.

Glassplex when construction need to use the paster liquid or shower gel with construction, avoid direct contact scraper in construction materials, direct contact will lead to irregular wave grain materials, It will cause irreparable consequences.The correct way of sticker is on membrane adhesive surface evenly spray liquid film, at the same, spray liquid film on the surface of the film material, the scraper!

Glassplex stealth clothing has not been met in the five years of sales clothing falls off, a cause material yellowing, cracking and other issues, In the later days we will do Glassplex better and more and more stronger!